Akihabara: Linkography

The 4th Generation of Otaku

● The president of Akihabara Research Institute, Terao Yukihiro discusses the “lightening” of Otaku group.

● 秋葉原総合研究所社長の寺尾幸紘さんが語るオタクの“ライト化”

“I’m alone, but not lonely”

● A German sociologist, Volker Grassmuck discusses about the colonization of information and media world by Otaku group.

Volker Grassmuckオタクの世界を論議する

“Meet the Geek Elite”

● Wired Magazine interviews Koota Umeda, a salaryman and a self-confessed otaku

● WIred サラリーマンありながらオタクある梅田こうたさんを

Japanese Music Linkography

Oricon Homepage

  • Japanese entertainment news including CD album and singles rankings
  • 日本エンタメニュース、それでCDシングルランキングとCDアルバムランキング

X Japan Homepage

  • Prominent speed metal band
  • 有名なスピードメタルバンド

2009 Fuji Rock Festival

  • This year’s Fuji Rock Festival
  • 今年のフジロックフェスティバル

Happy Science: Linkography

“Happy Science” (Ryuho Okawa, IRH Press, 2009)

幸福の科学 公式ホームページ

Happy Science’s Homepage

“The Happiness Realization Party” (The Happiness Realization Party, 05/23/09)

The Happiness Realization Party

“Happy Science of Japan Establishes a New Political Party, the Happiness Realization Party” (Happy Science USA, 07/23/2009)

Their new party, the Happiness Realization Party.

Fashion Linkography

“Alternative goth subcultural fringe and other fashion” (the alternative fashion blog, 6/4/08)

  • Japanese Subcultures and Fashion
  • 日本のサブカルチャーとファション

“10 Unusual Japanese Fashions and Subcultures” (Listverse, 4/20/09)

  • fashion list
  • ファションリスト

“カテゴリー ファッションの傾向を表す言葉 のページ (wapedia)

  • fashion list
  • ファションリスト

Population Crisis: Linkography

Japan plans to ship back foreigners, over 300,000 Dekasegi

  • Japan unveil plans to ship foreigners back to their native countries.
  • 日本にいる出稼ぎにきた外国人を強制退去される予定

Action Plan for Prevention of Terrorism

  • Promotion of Measures Against Transnational Organized Crime and Other Relative Issues and International Terrorism, Enacted on 10 December, 2004
  • 2004年12月10日に作ったアンチテロ定法施行

Partial amendments to Immigration Control and Refugee Recognition Act

  • Enacted in 1951, amended in 2005
  • 出入国管理及び難民認定法施行


  • Statistics of the world population and japan population
  • 世界の人口と日本の人口


  • Up-to-date stastitics of Japan’s population
  • 2009年5月1日の人口推計月報


  • Population Projection for Japan
  • 日本の将来推計人口(平成18年12月)-推計平成18(2006)年~平成67(2055)年


  • Japan born Brazilians and deportation
  • 出稼ぎ日系ブラジル人の子供達への奉仕活動


The Imperial Rescript on Education

  • Issued in 1890
  • 1890年に作られた教育ニ関スル勅語です。

Japanese Education Since 1945

  • A history of post-war Japanese education.
  • 戦後の日本の教育の歴史です。

Cyber Bullying

  • One of the recent methods that students are using to escape authorities.
  • 最近、警察を避けるために生徒たちはこのいじめ方法を使っています。

2007 Statistics on the Knowledge of Bullying Occurring Between Japanese Children

  • A site dedicated to making it known to the public just how serious bullying has become in Japan.
  • このサイトはいじめがこん何重い問題になってきたサイトです。

Environment: Linkography

A Brief History of Japanese Environment

  • Article describing history of government involvement in environmental protection.
  • 環境庁が環境保護の法律をした記事です。

Japan Environmental Problems

  • Main environmental problems in Japan’s society
  • 日本社会について、一番大切な環境問題。

World Environmental Problems

  • Summary of basic environmental problems facing the world
  • 地球の環境問題の要約。

Environmental Quality.

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  • History of pollution-related diseases. Summary of government actions regarding various types of pollution such as water and air pollution.
  • 環境汚染の病の歴史。議会が作った法律の要約があります。

Japanese Professional Baseball Linkography

Kintetsu Buffaloes History

  • Website about the (storied) history of the Osaka-based Kintetsu Buffaloes

Japan’s First-Ever Player Strike

  • Article regarding the 2004 Nippon Professional Baseball Players Strike

The Ichiro Paradox

  • Article about Japanese baseball and its relationship to America and Major League Baseball

Howl of the Loser Dogs: Linkography

“Japanese Women Live, and Like It, On Their Own” (Washington Post, 2004)

  • Newspaper article about Junko Sakai’s Howl of the Loser Dogs and the increase of unmarried women in Japan
  • 酒井順子の「負け犬の遠吠え」と日本に未婚女性の増について新聞の記事

” ‘Loser Dogs’ and ‘Demon Hags’: Single Women in Japan and the Declining Birthrate ” (Oxford UP, 2006)

  • Review of Howl of the Loser Dogs that contrasts it with 2004’s Women who are Becoming Demon Hags
  • 「負け犬の遠吠え」を批評して「鬼婆化する女達」(2004年)と対比したエッセイ


  • Japanese webpage about Sakai’s various published works, including Howl of the Loser Dogs
  • 酒井のさまざまな著作について日本のページ、「負け犬の遠吠え」を含む

Young Japanese Women Writers: Linkography

“Just 20, She Captures Altered Japan in a Debut Novel” (NY Times, 3/27/04)

  • Post Akutagawa Prize interview with Kanehara Hitomi
  • 金原ひとみの芥川賞受賞者インタビュー