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Mike is the Academic Technologist for the Humanities at the College

Mike’s Test Post

by Charles Fliss

Here is some info about me. I’m a computer geek. Here is some text about me.Mike in front of Washington Hall I can keep typing so that the image has some text next to it to show how it looks right justified

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Timeline for the Mets

  • 1962 (昭和37年): Mets are born
  • 1969 (昭和44年): Miracle Mets win first Series!
  • 1973: Mets lose their first World Series
  • 1986: Mets win their second World Series!
  • 2000: Mets lose World Series to the Yankees. The shame of it all.

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マイクにウィリアムの&の大学からの英文学でMAがある; メリーはウィリアムの&で教え、; ヴァージニアのメリー、大学、およびトマスネルソンのコミュニティ・カレッジ。 彼は2001年以来の大学に学術の科学技術者であり、その役割で大学の学術の代表団を助けて無数のウェブサイトおよび他の資源を開発した。 [Read more…]

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Mike has an MA in English Literature from the College of William & Mary and has taught at William & Mary, the University of Virginia, and Thomas Nelson Community College. He has been an Academic Technologist at the College since 2001, and in that role has developed countless websites and other resources in support of the College’s academic mission. [Read more…]