Coming to America: J-Horror

by Mary Grob

Film critics and fans alike agree that the American horror genre entered into a slump during the 1990’s that it has yet to recover from. Gone are the days of psychological thrillers like Alfred Hitchcock’s Psycho, and even the slasher film, an American horror stable since the 1970’s, has lost its appeal. Horror fans have been left wanting something new to chill their blood [1]. In the late 1990’s, a new wave of films known as J-Horror began to develop a cult following in the US. Soon after, Hollywood began to take notice of these foreign films, and the answer to America’s horror slump appeared to have been found within Japan. [Read more…]

Mary Grob

My name is Mary Grob, and I am a film studies major in my last semester at the College of William and Mary. My interest in Japan developed later in life. I first saw Kurosawa’s Rashomon in in high school and immediately feel in love with Japanese Cinema. Over the next few years, I watched everything I could find from Ozu to Miyazaki. Once I came to William and Mary, I began to take classes to further my understanding of the culture and nation that produced some of my favorite films. I look forward to exploring more of Japanese visual culture and “gross national cool” this semester.