J-Pop and Its Appeal

J-pop.  You can go almost anywhere in the world and find a J-pop fanatic.   The melodies are catchy, the rhythm is upbeat and the singers are ultra-glamorous.   But what is it exactly that makes J-pop so irresistible?  The music itself is somewhat uncreative, and most of the “artists” are contrived, being told by their managers how to look, act and sing.  According to Koizumi, the reason J-pop is so popular, in Japan at least, is precisely because it is all pretty much the same.



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Adam Labriny

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My name is Adam Labriny.  I’m a Freshman here at William and Mary, and am planning on double-majoring in East Asian Studies and Business.  Ever since I was a kid, Japan has always been one of the most interesting places in the world to me.  Whether it’s T.V. shows, food, or the language itself, I love it all.

In high school, I spent a summer abroad in Akita, a small city in Japan.  This changed the way I thought about Japan.  I realized that despite studying the language since middle school, I knew almost nothing about the culture.

And so, here I am in Japan’s Gross National Cool, hoping to learn more about Japanese culture!

If you would like to know more about the high school I studied abroad at here’s a link–