The “radio” of the 21st Century


Radio changed American society in a huge way, and not too long ago our grandparents grew up listening to news, weather, and entertainment programs around the radio. They thought of radio the same way we view TV. This quotation from the newsletter Interadio expresses the importance of the radio: [Read more…]

The “radio” of the 21st Century by Ally McKechnie

Ally McKechnie

My name is Ally, and I am a Junior at the College majoring in Government, and hope to complete a minor in Italian. At first glance it may seem that none of this is remotely related to Japanese cultural studies, and in some ways this is a correct statement. I am not taking this class for a GER or any other requirement, but I have always loved languages and been fascinated by foreign cultures. Most recently I have discovered both the Japanese language and the awesome, complex culture it represents.

Someday I hope to work for the State Department as a Foreign Service officer, and believe that familiarity with many parts of the world is an important preparation for this occupation. To understand states in their current situation it is crucial that a person understand the past of the people and government. Japan’s Gross National Cool is a small step in that direction for me. Japan is an extremely powerful, modernized nation on the international scene, and I find the Japanese culture enthralling. I love the people, the technology, and the things that make it both similar to and different from the United States.