The Japanese Bestiary of “Cool”

by Arthi Aravind

Japan’s mythological creatures are a source of rich inspiration for the many anime artists who produce the pop culture which has exploded in popularity in the United States in the past two decades. The mystical creatures of this culture’s bestiary are a unique aspect of its gross national cool which differentiate it from the pop culture exports of other countries. These otherworldly creatures, which are so foreign to the Western imagination, contribute to the popularity of Japanese cultural products in the United States because of their novelty value. [Read more…]

Arthi Aravind

Arthi Aravind

Posing with King Slime at Nintendo World in NYC.

Arthi Aravind is a sophomore planning to major in Literary and Cultural Studies. Ever since she discovered Pokémon and early Studio Ghibli films as a child, she has been fascinated with Japanese culture and is interested in learning more about it in an academic setting. Her specific interest is in visual culture, so she hopes to learn more about advertising, art, design, and media in Japan. She enjoy anime films and TV shows (most recently Death Note, Ghost in the Shell, and Paprika) and plays new Gameboy games on a regular basis. One of her favorite foods is inari sushi and she likes reading about kitsune myths.