Jordan Cheresnowsky

10502096_811359175540882_5257088338524052679_nHello, my name is Jordan Cheresnowsky and I am a senior at the College of William and Mary. I am getting a distinct feeling of deja vu typing this, as I was a contributor to this blog my freshman year. Looking back on that bio now I am amazed at how much has changed in four years. Currently I am finishing up my self-designed major “Literatures of the Modern World,” a mashup of different cultural and literary classes that provides me with the necessary knowledge to become a media writer. As of two months ago I am a contributing writer for the “nerd culture” website All That’s Epic based out of California. There I write reviews, news, and features covering a wide variety of subjects such as film, television, and anime.

Though my current ambitions differ from those I posted on here my freshman year, I am still passionate about Japan and Japanese culture. When I was in middle school I was exposed to the Japanese culture through manga, opening my eyes to cultural differences I was unable to see living in a small town. From there I consumed all the information about Japan I could, from manga to anime, light novels to travel blogs, and even the occasional historical account or textbook. For the past four years I have taken a variety of government, history, literature, language, and film classes that have broadened my knowledge about Japan.