Brandon Trainor

My name is Brandon Trainor. I am a junior at William and Mary who has finally settled on majoring in English with a minor in Philosophy after extended flirtations in the government, music, and film studies departments. Luckily during my time as an serial_experiments_lain_02academic wanderer I have had the chance to take a few classes on Japanese culture. My interest in the subject could probably be traced back to countless afternoons spent in front of a TV watching either Toonami or Godzilla films after school as a child. These memories, in combination with a very hyperactive nostalgia drive, have provided a sturdy backbone for a life of fascination with and consumption of Japanese popular media. Currently I find myself most occupied with the novels of Ryū Murakami, the films of Sion Sono, the collected works of Hideaki Anno, and the anime Revolutionary Girl Utena.