David Waterman

Greetings. My name is David Waterman and I’m a sophomore here at the College of William and Mary. Some have claimed that I am a chemistry major with an avid appreciation of worldly cultures, perhaps leading me to the Gross National Cool. Or perhaps it was the enticing name. Either way, I’m here, and this is my biography. I’m from Philadelphia (although not a particularly violent fan, I have some of the tendencies. . .) and went to a small Quaker school for a number of years. I ran cross country and track with some successes and much of the reason why I chose William and Mary had to do with cross country and track. The academics were of course also a large part of the decision to enroll. After an initial interest in Biology, which contained too many words, I decided to make the move to chemistry. The general interest I had in other cultures and the sickening feeling of registering for another 300 person lecture led me to the GNC. So far my knowledge of Japan (and culture in general) has increased an estimated tenfold times. If you ever wish to contact me, my email is drwaterman@email.wm.edu.

ps. That’s my cat.

pps. Notice the cat ears