Matt Rigsby

Matt Rigsby here! I am a freshman with the intent of majoring in International Relations or Linguistics. After watching Lost in Translation (hence the picture), I became more aware of the Japan aesthetic (as the movie is set in Japan) but I must fully admit that I am I have just begun my exploration of Japanese Culture. Participating in many Japanese video games and being a Nintendo disciple, I was largely unaware of the Japanese influence. While I played Pokémon as much as the average child, that is about the extent of my foray into Japan. Being a soccer player and an avid fan, I witnessed Japan’s participation at both the male and female World Cups with the interest of more closely following their domestic league and their high profile players, such as Keisuke Honda. Having always had an interest in other cultures but no experience in the realm of Asia, this class is here to expand my cultural awareness and interests into previously unexplored territory. With new found enthusiasm about Japan, I can only hope to broaden my cultural and social knowledge beyond video games and soccer, into territories such as film and literature.