Yunyuan Chen

My name is Yunyuan Chen and I am a freshman in College of William and Mary. I have always been fascinated and influenced by Japanese culture. At primary school, I liked a variety of Japanese animation especially Crayon Shin-chan. Shin-Chan is a naughty boy who always does some strange behaviors and says something fun. I found Shin-Chan so funny so I watched the animation over and over again. I even began to imitate Shin-Chan’s strange accent and at that time, many people around me said that I had a Japanese accent. Later I enjoyed the animation Naruto. The ninja’s world was truly mysterious and novel to me. I liked the different techniques owned by different ninjas. I was especially moved by the Ninja’s spirit. They never gave up easily and worked hard to train their skills. I often used Ninja’s spirit to encourage myself to work hard in studies. In high school, I began to read Japanese novel. I was startled by the extreme love of two protagonists in the novel Paradise Lost by Watanabe Junich. I used to despite suicide and thought people suicide because they wanted to escape the reality. But the novel told me that suicide could be a way to preserve forever love and gave me a new thought of suicide and death. In college, I want to continue my exploration and deepen my understanding of Japanese culture.