Robyn Neill

Robyn NeillRobyn Neill was born in Santiago, Chile, South America, as a nameless child in the foster care system, until her mother, Nancy Neill showed interest in adopting her, where she then became Nancy Carol Magariata. After a long and tedious legal process that spanned over a year, Nancy Carol Magariata was adopted at age 2 into a family of 3. At that time she became Robyn Butler Neill, legal citizen of the U.S. Her new family consisted of her mother, Nancy Carol Schmidt Neill, her father, Scott Granville Neill, and her new little sister from Columbia, Lesley Rose Neill previously known as Louisa Fernanda Schavaria. They grew up together, experiencing the loss of both a grandmother, and a grandfather. Then, when the two were 6 and 7, their Father, Scott, died of liver cancer. Nancy was a well-paid businesswoman, and often had to leave on business trips, so after the death of her husband, she decided to go back to college and get a degree to teach students. She moved the family to a small costal town, where Robyn became exposed in middle school, to the world of manga. Through manga, she met her best friend, and was pulled into the amazing world of Japanese pop-culture. Years later, Robyn had become a manga-style artist, manga collector, and anime-obsessed. She continues to love the stuff, and even though she lost her final grandmother this past christmas eve, she lets her sadness become the strength she needs to push herself to reach even greater heights. She currently attends the College of William and Mary, learning many things, and following her dreams.