Aaron Buncher

My name is Aaron Buncher, and I’m a freshman at the College of William and Mary. I enrolled in Japanophilia because I know little to nothing a Japan, and would

like to become more informed about the country and its culture.  Of the little I do know about Japan, I find extremely interesting. I am

planning on majoring in Environmental Science, and am aware that Japan is attempting to reform its harmful environmental practices (which all countries have), to help sustain the environment for future generations. This is a wonderful idea, and in my opinion, the United States can learn from the Japanese about better environmental practices. Not only does Japan’s eco-friendly ideals appeal to me, but I am interested in learning more about what is and is not true about Japan and its culture, and being able to erase any misconceptions I may have about the country, and may not even be aware of.  I wish to come out of Japanophilia a more informed person about the Japanese way of life, more culturally sensitive, and more appreciative of the Japanese lifestyle. Like most kids growing up in the ‘90s, I was obsessed with Pokemon.  I collected every one of the original 150 cards in the series, except for Charizard (which I am still bitter about to this day). I have fond memories of waking up every morning extra early to watch the Pokemon show on television before school.  I didn’t care if the episode was new or a re-run; I just loved seeing the cute, happy, and exciting quirky creatures come to life in front of me every day. I am ready to learn more about Japan this semester, and hopefully to erase any stereotypes and pre-conceived notions I may have about the country.