Dianna Balint


                       Hi, my name is Dianna Balint and I am a freshman majoring in undeclared with a double minor in exploration and discovery (Meaning I have no idea what I want to do). My interest in Japanese culture began at the tender age of six when my brother turned on the TV before school one morning and we discovered a strange show with a boy, a yellow mouse-thing, and a caterpillar thing. We quickly learned that these animal things were called “Pokémon” and the rest is history. I became fascinated by the TV shows (Pokemon, Digimon, Sailor Moon), the video games (All hail Nintendo), and most importantly THE FOOD. When my family moved to Williamsburg we discovered Kyoto Restaurant (On Richmond Road, check it out). I was enchanted by the Koi Pond, enthralled by the fans, screens, and lucky cats that decorated the place, envious of the hostesses wearing beautiful kimono, and most of all in love with the food. Tuna rolls, soba noodles, green tea ice cream (ok maybe not the green tea ice cream but Mr. Ken, the sushi chef, told me it was Wasabi ice cream and since then I been wary of eating it), the list goes on and on. From then on I knew I wanted to study this culture that could create such wonderful food. My dream is to one day visit Japan to study the culture, eat the food, and maybe find a way to create a real Vulpix.