David Loebman

It's me!Konnichiwa´╗┐ minasan! My name is David Loebman; I am a freshman set to graduate in 2014. I am currently on track for an Studio Art major, though I am considering either a major or minor in East Asian Studies.

Interestingly enough, I was inspired to become an artist because of anime. About six years ago, I set up an online account on deviantART, an art sharing website, with learning how to draw anime in mind. From there, I grew to understand and appreciate all different sorts of artwork; I began to explore traditional Japanese artwork along the way, too. Before I graduated high school, I wrote a 20 page “Extended Essay” about anime, emakimono, and sumi-e art styles.

I intend to study abroad in Japan in either my Sophomore or Junior year. I don’t know quite yet whether I will be staying for a semester or a year, but I know I will enjoy it regardless!

I hope you enjoy all the website has to offer!