Alexandra McPhee

Hello, everybody! I’m Alexandra McPhee, currently a student at the lovely College of William and Mary. As of now, my major is undecided, but I’m interested in logic, psychology, and, not so recently, Japanese!

My curiosity probably stems from the good old days of Sailor Moon and Pokemon (surprise, surprise). Posters, figurines, and various other rainbow and pink paraphernalia  dotted my room as a kid, invariably planting a seed inside my young, developing mind. Nowadays, it seems that such bits of Japanese media have successfully nestled themselves comfortably in my life and style.

I pick up the occasional anime (Baccano!, for instance) and manga (Bakuman, anybody?), but after some ten years, I now realize there’s more to this Japan business than meets the eye. In taking Japanophilia, I think it’ll help to broaden my perspective, show that it ain’t all I thought it was. Which is refreshing. And maybe, if I play my cards right, studying abroad in Japan will seem like a real possibility, too.

Wait, I totally forgot about these cool little figurine-things I picked up from KB Toys! They’re so exciting! You can, like, rip apart their bodies, pull out their eyes, and put them all back together again! And they’re so colorful and cute!

So you go from THIS:


Three cheers for Japanese innovation!