Ingrid Heiberg


My name is Ingrid Heiberg, and I am a junior majoring in French and Literary and Cultural Studies (film track) here at William and Mary. So what is a French major doing in a class about Japanese culture? Aside from my true love for Hello Kitty and all things Sanrio, I have always been fascinated by Japanese culture, and I am excited to learn why. I have studied Japanese at William and Mary since freshman year, and I also had the opportunity to work with Japanese students from Keio University in Tokyo when they came to visit the U.S. and complete a cultural studies project comparing Japan and America. Working with these students really solidified my love for Japanese culture: Japan is no longer a cool, faraway place to me, but rather home to several of my friends. Because I am also a cultural studies major, I am excited to see how cultural studies applies to one of my favorite places to study!