Sample Topic Post (and Multimedia Tutorials)

Suggestions for copying and pasting your article:

  • Single-space your article in Word.
  • Instead of indenting the beginning of each paragraph, put a space between paragraphs.
  • Check your post a few times to ensure that the formatting appears correct.
  • Be aware that different browsers may show your post a little differently. If you can, check your post in Mozilla Firefox and Internet Explorer to be certain that your post isn’t full of visible stray html.

How to add links:

  • Highlight the text that will become the link.
  • A small box will pop up. Paste the web address of the link into the url field.
  • Click “Insert.”

How to post a video:

  • Copy and paste the web address into the post editor.
  • Type a v after http, like so: httpv://

How to post a music file:

  • At the top of your post page there is a small music note. Click on it.
  • You can now upload a file from your computer, a url, or from those already existing on the website (media library).

How to insert an image (the easy way):

  • Save the image file to your computer.
  • On the same line as the music note there is a small picture.  Click on it.
  • A window will pop up. Click “Select File.”
  • Find and select the image file.
  • After the image uploads, scroll down in the same window and make adjustments to the image (alignment, size, etc).
  • Click “Insert into post.”

How to insert a divider line:

  • There doesn’t seem to be a way to insert this via the visual editor. Click on the html tab above the post editing field.
  • Scroll to the very bottom of your post.
  • Below the contents of the post, type <hr/>.
  • Go back to the visual editor. Below the line, type “Entry contributed by [your name]” and link your name to your bio post. See my example below.

Entry contributed by Pam Kennedy