Akihabara: Linkography

The 4th Generation of Otaku

● The president of Akihabara Research Institute, Terao Yukihiro discusses the “lightening” of Otaku group.

● 秋葉原総合研究所社長の寺尾幸紘さんが語るオタクの“ライト化”

“I’m alone, but not lonely”

● A German sociologist, Volker Grassmuck discusses about the colonization of information and media world by Otaku group.

Volker Grassmuckオタクの世界を論議する

“Meet the Geek Elite”

● Wired Magazine interviews Koota Umeda, a salaryman and a self-confessed otaku

● WIred サラリーマンありながらオタクある梅田こうたさんを