Megan Locke

English | Japanese 

Megan wearing hakamaHi, I’m Megan Locke, and I’m a senior at the College of William & Mary. I’m majoring in East Asian Studies, and studied in Nagoya, Japan during the spring of my junior year. Nagoya is not really an exciting place to visit (about all it’s famous for is being the heartland of the Toyota company), but it’s a wonderful place to live! At least if you visit, go eat some kishimen noodles! They’re the local speciality, and taste exactly like all other Japanese noodles, except for the fact that they’re long and flat, but that’s besides the point. Also try the miso katsu!

I love studying modern Japanese society, especially the situation of Japanese women today. I plan to do research on a book about this topic for Japanese 401 this year.