Finding Japan to Find Yourself

Persimmon Wind:  A Martial Artist’s Journey in Japan by Nathan Traceski


A Year in Japan review by Max Nikoolkan

Video Night in Kathmandu: Perfect Strangers For Perfect Anxieties

by Charles Fliss

This baseball driven journey through Japan finds something more foreign than angels in the outfield.

Traveling to Japan as the last of many stops throughout Asia, Time writer Pico Iyer visits everything from “American Spirit” stores to Zen temples, finding a land both entrancing and ominous.  Tension seems to be a hallmark of Iyer’s narrative:  between tradition and westernization, perfection and crudity, and between Japan and the U.S. Baseball becomes the lens through which Iyer ultimately views Japan, and his conclusions are more indicative of his own American unease than of Japan itself. [Read more…]