1. I think that the database and moe are one and the same. The database is a collection of features that consumers select from to fulfill their moe needs but the features are the moe, eliciting a response from the consumers. These consumers feel an affection for these blond robot women with cat ears. I don’t believe that this database is central to Japan. I feel that there are multiple databases that serve multiple categories of consumers. The world of fiction novels can supply the consumer’s desire for fantasy fiction set in a futuristic landscape or a medieval landscape, with or without dragons, with or without magic. How is this splintering of the fantasy fiction genre different from the splintering of anime? The difference may be in the grand narrative and whether or not it exists.

  2. afshelton says:

    This post did a great job of highlighting and summarizing Azuma’s main points and arguments. Additionally, in the conclusion this post also mentioned the usage of databases in other consumer-based industries. In doing this the post showed that the database issue is applicable to other fields and is worth the attention of non-otaku cultures as well. One suggestion that may be worth considering begins with the title of the post. The term ‘moe’ is rarely mentioned in this piece, while a similar term, ‘database’ is used repeatedly. The bulk of this post’s argument seems to be focused on the database, so swapping ‘database’ for ‘moe’ in the title may be a more accurate reflection of the post’s content. A final suggestion would be that the “Princess Mononoke” trailer be placed at the end of the post, just before the conclusion. In the Anomalies section, Miyazaki is mentioned frequently and the last sentence of that paragraph could serve as a nice transition leading into the clip. All in all this post still did a great job of clarifying some of the themes in Azuma’s work. The provocative conclusion also makes for a great ending and questions Azuma’s own belief that Miyazaki is one of the few current grand narrative anime artists.