Aaron Buncher

My name is Aaron Buncher, and I’m a freshman at the College of William and Mary. I enrolled in Japanophilia because I know little to nothing a Japan, and would

like to become more informed about the country and its culture.  Of the little I do know about Japan, I find extremely interesting. I am

planning on majoring in Environmental Science, and am aware that Japan is attempting to reform its harmful environmental practices (which all countries have), to help sustain the environment for future generations. This is a wonderful idea, and in my opinion, the United States can learn from the Japanese about better environmental practices. Not only does Japan’s eco-friendly ideals appeal to me, but I am interested in learning more about what is and is not true about Japan and its culture, and being able to erase any misconceptions I may have about the country, and may not even be aware of.  I wish to come out of Japanophilia a more informed person about the Japanese way of life, more culturally sensitive, and more appreciative of the Japanese lifestyle. Like most kids growing up in the ‘90s, I was obsessed with Pokemon.  I collected every one of the original 150 cards in the series, except for Charizard (which I am still bitter about to this day). I have fond memories of waking up every morning extra early to watch the Pokemon show on television before school.  I didn’t care if the episode was new or a re-run; I just loved seeing the cute, happy, and exciting quirky creatures come to life in front of me every day. I am ready to learn more about Japan this semester, and hopefully to erase any stereotypes and pre-conceived notions I may have about the country.

Yunyuan Chen

My name is Yunyuan Chen and I am a freshman in College of William and Mary. I have always been fascinated and influenced by Japanese culture. At primary school, I liked a variety of Japanese animation especially Crayon Shin-chan. Shin-Chan is a naughty boy who always does some strange behaviors and says something fun. I found Shin-Chan so funny so I watched the animation over and over again. I even began to imitate Shin-Chan’s strange accent and at that time, many people around me said that I had a Japanese accent. Later I enjoyed the animation Naruto. The ninja’s world was truly mysterious and novel to me. I liked the different techniques owned by different ninjas. I was especially moved by the Ninja’s spirit. They never gave up easily and worked hard to train their skills. I often used Ninja’s spirit to encourage myself to work hard in studies. In high school, I began to read Japanese novel. I was startled by the extreme love of two protagonists in the novel Paradise Lost by Watanabe Junich. I used to despite suicide and thought people suicide because they wanted to escape the reality. But the novel told me that suicide could be a way to preserve forever love and gave me a new thought of suicide and death. In college, I want to continue my exploration and deepen my understanding of Japanese culture.

Emily Wells


Don't worry; it's Butterbeer

Hello, World! My name is Emily Wells and I hail from the land of oranges, alligators, and anthropomorphic mice. I am a freshman at William and Mary majoring in Figuring It Out and a new member of the Japanese Culture and Anime clubs. I have been interested in Asia (starting with China) since elementary school, and soon started reading CLAMP manga and trying in vain to teach myself Japanese from a book. I spent most of high school watching as much anime as I could get ahold of and cosplaying at conventions with friends. Now, my aim is to not only educate myself about the country’s history and politics, but to educate others and show them that it’s a lot more than Sailor Moon, sushi, and bizarre game shows.

Angel Zhang


Hello everybody~ My name is Junnan (Angel) Zhang. I am a freshman at College of William and Mary and I intend to major in International Relations and  minor in Accounting.

The city I lived back in China is quite close to Japan and the very first few things that I remembered about Japan is the food and the cloth. They offer all kinds of pretty dishes which I always like to try, such as takoyaki(たこやき), sukiyaki (すきやき), sushi(すし), tempura(てんぷら) and soba(そば). And I always dreamed of buying a beautiful kimono when I get older. Fortunately, I was also blessed with the privilege of learning Japanese in middle school and obtained a certificate of Level 2 of Japanese-Language Proficiency, which enabled me to watch the anime and drama in Japanese! I loved Conan, Ouran High School Host Club, Nodame Cantabile, SA Special, Moon Lovers and so on. The most fascinating thing is that I was planning to go to Japan for College at first but I ended up coming to America!

 I have always found flower arrangement (ikebana) and Tea ceremony (sado) amazing and I have learned a little bit by myself. I figured if I go to Japan, I will definitely gain a better understanding and that’s my game plan for next summer!

Here I want to share with you my favorite Japanese song called YELL. And the line I liked the most is :「さよならは悲しい言葉じゃない」(Farewell is not a sad word)


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Mike’s Test Post

by Charles Fliss

Here is some info about me. I’m a computer geek. Here is some text about me.Mike in front of Washington Hall I can keep typing so that the image has some text next to it to show how it looks right justified