Population Crisis


According to June 1, 2009 estimates, Japan’s population is currently 127 million people. However, research shows that this number will decline to less than 100 million people by 2050. This sharp decline in population comes from the combination of low birthrates, high life-expectancies, late marriages, and other social problems.

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Timeline: Population Crisis

  • 1 October 2007: Population of Japan reaches 127,771,000
  • 2008: Population begins to decline
  • Average age to marry for male and female respectively is 30.2 and 28.5
  • Average life expectancy for male and female respectively is 79.29 and 86.05
  • ~2050: Population of Japan is projected to be 95,152,000 (the same population level as 1960s)

Linkography: Population Crisis


    “With over 1.5 million, Brazilians make up the second largest non-Japanese decent population residing in Japan. Brazilians thought of Japanese people as “honest”, “diligent”, and “sincere” in their daily lives. The parents hoped that their new lives in Japan would bring some hope into their children’s dreams. However, with the economic downturn those dreams will go unrealized as they are forced to leave the country.

    By 2050, the Japanese population is estimated to shrink to 80 milllion.”


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