Environment: Linkography

A Brief History of Japanese Environment

  • Article describing history of government involvement in environmental protection.
  • 環境庁が環境保護の法律をした記事です。

Japan Environmental Problems

  • Main environmental problems in Japan’s society
  • 日本社会について、一番大切な環境問題。

World Environmental Problems

  • Summary of basic environmental problems facing the world
  • 地球の環境問題の要約。

Environmental Quality.

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  • History of pollution-related diseases. Summary of government actions regarding various types of pollution such as water and air pollution.
  • 環境汚染の病の歴史。議会が作った法律の要約があります。

Japanese Professional Baseball Linkography

Kintetsu Buffaloes History

  • Website about the (storied) history of the Osaka-based Kintetsu Buffaloes

Japan’s First-Ever Player Strike

  • Article regarding the 2004 Nippon Professional Baseball Players Strike

The Ichiro Paradox

  • Article about Japanese baseball and its relationship to America and Major League Baseball

Howl of the Loser Dogs: Linkography

“Japanese Women Live, and Like It, On Their Own” (Washington Post, 2004)

  • Newspaper article about Junko Sakai’s Howl of the Loser Dogs and the increase of unmarried women in Japan
  • 酒井順子の「負け犬の遠吠え」と日本に未婚女性の増について新聞の記事

” ‘Loser Dogs’ and ‘Demon Hags’: Single Women in Japan and the Declining Birthrate ” (Oxford UP, 2006)

  • Review of Howl of the Loser Dogs that contrasts it with 2004’s Women who are Becoming Demon Hags
  • 「負け犬の遠吠え」を批評して「鬼婆化する女達」(2004年)と対比したエッセイ


  • Japanese webpage about Sakai’s various published works, including Howl of the Loser Dogs
  • 酒井のさまざまな著作について日本のページ、「負け犬の遠吠え」を含む

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