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レイチェル・デイニット。1966年生まれ。ボストン出身。現在ウィリアム・アンド・メアリー大学外国語・文学部日本文学科教授。1988年にペンシルベニア大学から東洋学で学士号を、そしてワシントン大学 から日本文学で修士号と博士号(2000年)を取得しました。日本の国際基督教大学, Inter-University Center for Japanese Language Studies(横浜)と慶應大学で留学、研究。著書は『Uchida Hyakken: A Critique of Modernity and Militarism in Prewar Japan』(2008年)です。

現在の関心は、平成時代のナショナリズムと文化・文学。新しいプロジェクト「Japan’s Lost Decade: National Identity, Popular Culture, Postbubble Youth, and the Fate of Political Imagination in Millennial Japan」を研究中。

貢献者の伝記: Mike Blum

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マイクにウィリアムの&の大学からの英文学でMAがある; メリーはウィリアムの&で教え、; ヴァージニアのメリー、大学、およびトマスネルソンのコミュニティ・カレッジ。 彼は2001年以来の大学に学術の科学技術者であり、その役割で大学の学術の代表団を助けて無数のウェブサイトおよび他の資源を開発した。 [Read more…]


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1988年に生まれ。出身は韓国。ウィリアム・アンド・メアリビジネス学校で会計学を専攻している三年生です。今学期日本文学のクラスも取っていますから難しそうで緊張してい ます。日本語の勉強は単純に学校の必要な外国語こうもくで始めましたが、どのぐらいしてみたら、私のスキルになるまでつづくのがいいだとおもっています。



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僕がウイリアムへと名乗る。ウイリアム・アンドメリー大学の四年生で、日本語が四年間しか勉強していなかった。僕の日本についての興味が高校のころから生 まれた。高校の時に、日本語がとり始めて、じゅじつも練習して始めた。日本語がもっと理解できるようになった時、アニソンとか日本からの音楽を聞いた。よ く聞いたから、曲の詞に興味が出てきた。日本の音楽の詞がアメリカのとなんかふいんきが違うから、とても不思議で面白いだ。日本語401の授業で何か音楽 についてことが研究できれば、うれしくなるんだ。

Eugene Park

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私21歳ウィリアム・アンド・メアリ大学で経済を勉強しているキム・ヘンリーです。日本語は3年前に始めました。日本語は中国語やスペイン語よりやさしいと思って 勉強を始めましたが、思ったより難しいです。特に漢字のところが難しいです。私はずっとアメリカで育ちましたから、漢字のことを習う必要がありませんでし た。でも、頑張っています。


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Megan Locke

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Megan wearing hakamaHi, I’m Megan Locke, and I’m a senior at the College of William & Mary. I’m majoring in East Asian Studies, and studied in Nagoya, Japan during the spring of my junior year. Nagoya is not really an exciting place to visit (about all it’s famous for is being the heartland of the Toyota company), but it’s a wonderful place to live! At least if you visit, go eat some kishimen noodles! They’re the local speciality, and taste exactly like all other Japanese noodles, except for the fact that they’re long and flat, but that’s besides the point. Also try the miso katsu!

I love studying modern Japanese society, especially the situation of Japanese women today. I plan to do research on a book about this topic for Japanese 401 this year.  


Contributor Bio: Pam Kennedy

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I’m Pam Kennedy. I was born in 1988 and raised in Atlanta. Currently I am a senior at the College of William and Mary, and I am majoring in Government and East Asian Studies. I studied Japanese language and cinema in Hikone, Shiga Prefecture, in Japan during the Spring 2009 semester.

My current interest in post-bubble Japanese culture is the work of novelist Kanehara Hitomi, who wrote “Snakes and Earrings” and “Autofiction.” During the summer of 2009, I conducted research on these two novels in the context of post-bubble Japanese society. I will continue this research by further examining ways in which Ms. Kanehara expresses the disillusionment of the post-bubble era youth in her books.

Sarah Taylor

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Sarah in her kimono

My name is Sarah Taylor, and I am a senior here at William and Mary majoring in East Asian Studies and minoring in Japanese.  I spent my junior year in Japan, specifically Chigasaki, commuting to Tokyo everyday for school.  Chigasaki, you ask?  Well, it happens to be the heart of the area known as Shounan, aka BEACH TOWN.  So as you can guess, after being an avid swimmer for more than ten years, I naturally took to the local sport of bodyboarding and am actively looking to continue it now that I am back in the states.

I plan to return to Japan after graduation to work in education, and possibly work on my masters in Japanese.  In the meantime, I am just enjoying my last year of undergraduate life by having fun with friends, traveling across the country, reading for class and for fun, cooking, and hanging with my chinchilla, Nami.

Daniel Wolfe


This is a photo of Daniel J. Wolfe

One humid afternoon outside of Hopkins in downtown Baltimore, a dilapidated car came to a brake-squeaking stop in the potholes of Charles St., and let out a dozen Vietnamese refugees into the sun. From his apartment deck, a Grad. student put out his cigarette and kept his Norwegian Elk-hound (Teiga) from barking, while he squinted through thick lenses at the near-comical lineup. At the end of the line was a, then, 17-year old version of my mother, Mai Nguyen, safe-guarding deep within, one precious egg that would carry her haploid genes until a seventh of century later when I would be conceived after two practice babies had popped out already into the world.

What follows then is a short bout through public education, continuing on present day, as I conclude my fourth year at the College of William and Mary. I’ve studied Japanese here, as well as Insects and Society, Red Scare era black listed films and even the politics of feminine hysteria in Dostoevsky’s translated works. Having recently come back from a stint in Kyoto, muttering Heart Sutras and eating burnt mochi like a pro-monk, while studying religions both archaic and new, I’m looking forward to a completion of my B.A. here. Until then, I will continue to walk around this campus like a teen-refugee in Charm city.