Sarah Taylor

English | Japanese


Sarah in her kimono

My name is Sarah Taylor, and I am a senior here at William and Mary majoring in East Asian Studies and minoring in Japanese.  I spent my junior year in Japan, specifically Chigasaki, commuting to Tokyo everyday for school.  Chigasaki, you ask?  Well, it happens to be the heart of the area known as Shounan, aka BEACH TOWN.  So as you can guess, after being an avid swimmer for more than ten years, I naturally took to the local sport of bodyboarding and am actively looking to continue it now that I am back in the states.

I plan to return to Japan after graduation to work in education, and possibly work on my masters in Japanese.  In the meantime, I am just enjoying my last year of undergraduate life by having fun with friends, traveling across the country, reading for class and for fun, cooking, and hanging with my chinchilla, Nami.