Contributor Bio: Mike Blum


Mike has an MA in English Literature from the College of William & Mary and has taught at William & Mary, the University of Virginia, and Thomas Nelson Community College. He has been an Academic Technologist at the College since 2001, and in that role has developed countless websites and other resources in support of the College’s academic mission.

These days Mike has been interested in developing collaborative learning at the College, and aside from creating learning spaces and electronic resources to foster collaboration, he has been helping students and faculty members construct online communities for showcasing the research and coursework produced by these partnerships.

One recent example of an online community Mike helped develop is Prof. Francie Cate-Arries’ Mapping Memory in Madrid website, where student researchers continue to share their work with the larger community.

Mike’s role in the Post-Bubble Culture website is as technology instructor and lead web developer.

About Mike Blum

Mike is the Academic Technologist for the Humanities at the College